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The Gdańsk History Museum

Prices and branch opening hours:

  • Arthur’s Court »

  • Uphagen House »

  • Amber Museum »

  • Tower Clock Museum »

  • Museum of the Polish Post Office »

  • Wisłoujście Fortress »

  • Guard Post No. 1 at Westerplatte »

  • Main Town Hall »
     The Gdańsk History Museum is the place where the history of Gdańsk is recorded. We warmly invite you to visit the Museum’s various branches to learn about and experience the rich history of this beautiful city.

     The Gdańsk History Museum has been operating in its current form since 2000. It collects artefacts documenting Gdańsk’s history from the Middle Ages to modern times.

     Previously, as a branch of the Pomeranian Museum, our institution took steps to extend its facilities by adding more and more historical buildings. This is how Museum branches were established in the most famous historical sites of secular Gdańsk architecture. The Museum’s seat is located at the Main Town Hall, the former seat of the city authorities. Its other branches include: Arthur’s Court with its neighbouring townhouses: the New and the Old Bench House, now the Economists’ House, Uphagen House, the Amber Museum in the Foregate Complex of Długa Street, the Tower Clock Museum at St Katherine’s Church, the Museum of the Polish Post Office in Gdańsk, Wisłoujście Fortress and Guard Post No. 1 at Westerplatte. Each of these places contributes to a great book of history, which is well worth exploring upon each visit.

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