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The National Museum in Gdańsk

     Visit the National Museum in Gdańsk, one of the oldest in Poland, which inherited the collections and traditions of two institutions: the City Museum and the Artistic Handicraft Museum. The Museum’s collections are so diverse that every visitor can find something engaging.

     The Museum’s Main Building is a late Gothic Franciscan monastery, which was converted into a museum in the 19th century. Since then, it has been accumulating wonderful works of art – paintings and sketches by European masters, tapestries, ceramics, sculpture, furniture and colour metal artefacts. The donations and legacies of Gdańsk and Pomeranian families played an important role in the collection’s growth. To this day, the Museum has preserved all the names of its donors. At the end of World War II the Museum was badly damaged, most of the collection was lost, with the library and artefact documentation decimated.

     In 1950, the former City Museum was renamed the Pomeranian Museum and on its centennial in 1972, it rose to the rank of National Museum.

     Our collection is growing constantly thanks to state-funded purchases and donations made by seasoned collectors and individuals.

     To accommodate its very large and diverse collection, the Museum has expanded into several departments. In the Gdańsk district of Oliwa, the Abbots’ Palace houses the Modern Art Department, with the Ethnography Department in the Abbots’ Granary. The Green Gate plays host to temporary exhibitions. Photography collections are exhibited at the Gdańsk Photography Gallery in the Main Town of Gdańsk. The Manor of Józef Wybicki, in Będomin near Kościerzyna, is the site of the National Anthem Museum, while Waplewo Wielkie has the newly opened Nobility Traditions Museum. The National Museum’s Main Building houses the Historical Art Department, with The Last Judgement, Hans Memling’s masterpiece, the jewel of its collection.

     It is worth emphasising that although the National Museum in Gdańsk is among the oldest in Poland, it moves with the times by making it possible for its visitors to tour the Museum using the multimedia EasyGuide audio guide, which certainly brings a new quality and attraction to any tourist.

     Come to the Museum, where you can find a new way to...

...listen to what history has to say.