EasyGuide – YOUR GUIDE
Zwiedzaj jak chcesz i kiedy chcesz z naszym elektronicznym przewodnikiem!
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"Listen to what history has to say"...

… visit museums and tourist attractions with our electronic guide and your visit will become a vivid and unforgettable experience.

Our audio guide is based on the EASYGUIDE system.

EasyGuide is a state-of-the-art device with a 3.5-inch colour screen, an intuitive and clear menu which allows you to produce an image of the exhibit on the screen.

EasyGuide replaces a live guide and meets all your expectations as a tourist, as you:
  • can select your route and what you want to see at will,
  • can control the time and pace at which you tour and the amount of information you take in,
  • don’t have to read long boring captions, because the clear and easy to understand narrative makes it easier to interpret the exhibit and makes the interpretation itself more interesting,
  • can select your preferred language version,
  • use ear-covering earphones which reduce external interference.

The information is presented through multimedia, which increases the impact of the exhibits on you, the viewer, and improves your perception, while the professionally-written touring programme, complete with sound effects, guarantees that you will experience the history of the place in a deeper and fuller way than ever before.

EASYGUIDE is the guide for you…